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Key Competencies

New Product Development


Before new products/services get to the market, it is ideal to test their acceptability among the target market in order to forestall their premature death and subsequent huge financial loss to the owners.

By integrating qualitative research techniques (mainly focus groups) and quantitative techniques (home placement, hall test), our team can provide clients with a firm, factual framework within which to proceed and predict the productís future as accurately as possible.

At MARS Limited, our flexibility makes it possible for us to offer tailor made solutions to clients to address specific problems and provide them recommendations on which far-reaching decisions affecting their businesses and products would be based.

Qualitative Research Quantitative Research Social Research Recent Statistics
We adopt practical & appropriate research methodologies.
We use research methodologies to gather information on such diverse areas as.
Our range of social research services includes but not limited to .

Find below some recent statistics.
Focus Group
Depth Interviewing
Projective Interviewing
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Market & sector size
Penetration levels
Patterns of consumption & seasonality
Awareness & Perception
Usage & attitudes
Customer profiles
Facility Reviews
Workplace Surveys
Provider Surveys
Policy and Environments
Household Surveys
Retail Audits and many more
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